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    Recruitment Specialist
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    PT Maxx Coffee Prima

    Ever since the colonial era coffee has been a part of Indonesian culture. Local farmers have cultivated high-quality beans and exported them to Europe and the rest of the world up to this day. Nowadays, coffee has become a lifestyle; it is an essential element of a frisky day-to-day routine, while coffee processing, roasting, brewing, and serving, has been given more attention and becomes center stage in the whole experience of coffee-drinking. MAXX COFFEE relieves the thirst for these experiences by delivering unrivaled quality coffee.

    Created with Indonesia’s freshest and finest beans including the Mandheling, Toraja, Flores, Kintamani, and Java amongst others, MAXX COFFEE is collaborating with coffee farmers from Aceh to Papua to delivers impeccably high-quality coffee. With first-class quality coffee machine, in addition to the finest beans and perfected brewing technique, MAXX COFFEE easily produces distinctive shots of espresso that concocts the perfect coffee drinking experience, exclusively for coffee lovers and aficionados alike.

    PT MAXX COFFEE PRIMA is looking for : Recruitment Specialist

    Qualification :

    • Status Full time
    • 2-3 years experience.
    • Education Psychology
    • Placement Karawaci

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