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Staf Training & Development

Staf Training & Development

Siba group

A. Staf Training & Development

Job Desc :
1. Identify Training Need Analysis
2. Develop, implement, monitor and evaluation training
3. Ensure that statutory training requirements are met
4. Develop effective induction programmes
5. Administrative for daily training
6. Socializing, updating, and handling employee inidisciplinary cases

Requirements :
1. Bachelor Degree Psychologicaly
2. 2 years of experience in developing training management
3. Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills
4. Experience with creating and delivering training
5. Have a good skill as a facilitator training
6. Good personality, Inisiative and Analytical Thinking

Please send your application soon to

jln terboyo no.7 Terboyo Wetan, Genuk
Semarang 50112

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